Nemanja Nikolic


I am a visual artist who specializes in abstract paintings. Entropy, colour theory, texture, and composition form the essence of my abstract artworks placing me in the realm of abstract expressionism.

I have been active in the field for the last 20 years. I hold a BA Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Bologna, and MA Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Brera Milan, Italy. I live and work in the UK since 2011.

To date, I had several personal and collective exhibitions. Since 2015, I focused on on-line exposure where I have grown a broad network of collectors. My artworks are part of private collections in more than 30 countries. Through my work I have built a large following community of artists, collectors, art curators and art enthusiasts on a variety of social media platforms.


Academy of Fine Arts Brera, Milan, Italy
Master of Fine Arts - MFA - Cum Laude

Academy of Fine Arts Bologna, Italy
Bachelor of Fine Arts - BFA

Awards & Distinctions:
2007 – First place prize winner in the photography section of PREMIO ARTE MONDADORI for work ‘FISHING’
Selected Exhibitions: 
2022 - AAF Battersea - NewingerART, London
2022 - Art Biennale Venice - Personal Structure , April- November 2022, curated by European Cultural Centre
2019 - The Christmas Auction - The Auction Collective - Menier Gallery, London
2019 - The Summer Auction - The Auction Collective -Candid Arts, London EC1V 1NQ
2016 - Acesa - Arte illuminata, curated by Giorgio D'Orazio
2010 – ‘Paradoxa’ – Curated by Gabriele di Francesco
2010 – ‘Visionaria’ – PRO LOCO di Sant Omero Arte Contemporanea curated by Simonetta Angelini
2009 – ‘Arte contemporanea kaspertina’ curated by Nazareno Lucianio
2008 – ‘My Lily’ solo exhibition at Creative Council, curated by Prof. Carlo Franza, Milano
2007 – ‘M.MULTIMEDIA curated by Prof. Lorenzo Taiuti, Galleria ‘NEON’ FDV (Milano)
2007 – ‘Lo schermo ansioso’ curated by Bruno Muzzolini and Matteo Chini, Teatro E. Peroni, Parma
2007 – ‘SFIORANDO L’ORIZZONTE’ solo exhibition, curated by Dario Ciferri, Monteprandone
2007 – ‘CARGO BOX’ solo exhibition at ‘42off’ Gallery, Modena, curated by Viola Giacometti,
2006 – ‘CORPO URBANO’ Shortvideo Convention, Building Cominelli
2006 – ‘MI CASA ES TU CASA’ curated by Viola Giacometti, Bologna
2005 – ‘Anteprima – Giovani artisti da conocsere’, edition 2005, curated by Paola Palotta, Ripratransone
Artistic Influences:
Kazemir Malevich
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Mark Rothko
Gerhard Richter